“Lilibet Lined Up for $60,000 a Year Private School”: Harry and Meghan’s Ambitious Educational Plans Revealed

 “Lilibet Lined Up for $60,000 a Year Private School”: Harry and Meghan’s Ambitious Educational Plans Revealed

(Image: Alexi Lubomirski/Duke and Duchess of Sussex)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly have very specific plans for the education of their daughter, Princess Lilibet, according to royal commentator and author Tom Quinn. In a recent interview with The Mirror, Quinn shared insights into the couple’s educational aspirations for their young daughter. He emphasized that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are meticulously planning Lilibet’s educational journey.

Quinn, who has closely followed the royal family, revealed, “Harry and Meghan are determined to provide Lilibet with a well-rounded education that balances traditional academics with a global perspective.” The commentator noted that the couple’s plans reflect their broader values and aspirations for their children’s upbringing.

During that chat, the expert noted, “Lily is lined up for $60,000 a year private school.” This comes despite there being earlier rumors that Meghan and Harry “might send their children to a local state school but that was never really on the cards.”

“It made it look as if the couple were trying to be as ordinary as possible but no one was fooled,” the expert also noted. This is because “apart from anything else, Harry wouldn’t countenance risking his children being educated in anything other than in an elite environment.” “Choosing an elite school is very much in the royal family tradition,” as well, he noted before signing off from the conversation.

“They want her to be grounded yet aware of the world around her, combining the best of both British and American educational traditions.” Quinn’s comments come amid ongoing public interest in how Harry and Meghan are raising their children away from the royal spotlight in Montecito, California. The couple’s approach to Lilibet’s education is expected to incorporate a mix of rigorous academic standards, cultural awareness, and an emphasis on individuality and personal growth.

“They’re looking at schools that offer a diverse curriculum and foster critical thinking,” Quinn added. “Harry and Meghan believe in the importance of preparing Lilibet for a future where she can navigate different cultures and ideas with ease.”

The couple’s dedication to their children’s education is evident in their proactive planning and desire to provide the best opportunities for Lilibet and her brother, Archie. As they carve out a new life away from the royal family, Harry and Meghan’s commitment to their children’s well-being and development remains a top priority.

Quinn concluded by saying, “It’s clear that Harry and Meghan are focused on ensuring that Lilibet receives an education that not only equips her with knowledge but also instills values of empathy, understanding, and resilience.” The royal commentator’s revelations offer a glimpse into the thoughtful and deliberate approach Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are taking in shaping their daughter’s future.

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