Royal Drama Alert: Prince Harry’s Bold Move to New York Sparks Fiery Clash with Meghan!

 Royal Drama Alert: Prince Harry’s Bold Move to New York Sparks Fiery Clash with Meghan!

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The couple recently visited the city as part of their involvement in the World Mental Health Day Festival through their Archewell Foundation. Following their trip, Prince Harry is said to have developed a strong affinity for the bustling city and expressed a desire to make it their new home. He believes that relocating to New York would bring him closer to London, a place he deeply misses.

An insider shared, “The truth is he desperately misses London, and being in the city helps. Plus, he could easily go home for a long weekend if they lived in New York.” However, Meghan Markle appears to have reservations about this plan. She is content with their sprawling Californian mansion, which keeps her close to the heart of Hollywood.

According to the source, “Meghan’s so happy to be back in California, she can’t imagine leaving.” For Meghan, it seems to be “Hollywood all the way,” and she sees no logical reason to move. The insider further revealed that Meghan is frustrated that Harry won’t let go of his New York aspirations.

Prince Harry has his heart set on making New York his home and is eager to switch to the east coast of America. He believes this move would enable him to easily visit London for extended weekends. However, Meghan has firmly ruled out relocating across the country with their two young children, Prince Archie (4) and Princess Lilibet (2), , a source told the Mirror.

Recent reports indicate that the couple is “divided” over the prospect of returning to the UK. Harry has taken the lead in discussions about a potential return to his home country. They are considering purchasing their own home in the UK rather than requesting a property from Harry’s father, King Charles, on the royal estate.

While a small apartment in Kensington Palace is not out of the question, the couple is inclined to buy their own UK residence. This would give Harry the city life he desires, as Kensington Palace is more centrally located.

However, some unresolved matters include the education of their children and Meghan’s close relationship with her mother, Doria Raglan. The source noted, “The jury’s still out on where the children will be educated. It’s not yet decided where Archie and Lilibet will be educated. Harry is leaning more toward England, while Meghan is comfortable with them receiving their education in the United States.”

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