Prince Harry uncertain about future with ‘difficult’ Meghan Markle, says royal commentator

 Prince Harry uncertain about future with ‘difficult’ Meghan Markle, says royal commentator

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Prince Harry is reportedly struggling with an “increasingly bored” life alongside Meghan Markle in the USA, claimed a royal commentator. The Duke of Sussex, who left his royal duties in 2020 with Meghan, is said to be missing his old friends as uncertainties about his future plans grow.

Royal expert Russell Myers echoed these sentiments, suggesting Harry might be feeling the strain of being snubbed from major royal events. “Harry’s current life in the US appears to be a far cry from the vibrant and dynamic role he played within the royal family,” Myers observed.

In conversation with The Mirror, royal author Tom Quinn revealed that the former working royal is “increasingly bored and looking back across the Atlantic where most of his army and school friends still live.” He added, “And whom he never sees because they won’t visit him in the States because they find Meghan difficult.”

As reported by Sky News Australia, he said, “I think for Harry, it’s been quite a tumultuous time; it still seems very very fresh in the memory, their decision to leave the royal family. Harry is really yet to find what he wants to do for his future.”

These comments came after historian and biographer Hugo Vickers shared his thoughts on Harry’s potential future. Vickers speculated that the Duke of Sussex might return to the UK within 10 years – and possibly without Meghan. “Harry will return to the UK in 10 years without his better half,” Vickers predicted.

The speculation about Harry’s discontent stems from his noticeable absence from significant royal gatherings and the growing sense that his life in California lacks the excitement and camaraderie he once enjoyed. Royal insiders suggest that the prince’s sense of purpose and fulfillment has diminished since stepping back from his official duties.

The narrative of Harry’s supposed boredom is compounded by reports of his struggles to adapt to life outside the royal spotlight. Friends and former colleagues have reportedly expressed concerns about his well-being and long-term happiness.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle remains focused on their life in the US, building their brand and engaging in various charitable endeavors. However, this divergence in their personal and professional goals has fueled further speculation about the stability of their relationship and their future together.

As the couple continues to navigate their new life, royal watchers and commentators remain keenly interested in their journey. The possibility of Harry returning to the UK without Meghan adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing saga of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Whether these predictions hold true or not, the public’s fascination with Harry and Meghan’s post-royal life shows no signs of waning. As they chart their course forward, the couple’s every move will undoubtedly be scrutinized and analyzed, keeping their story in the headlines for years to come.

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