Prince Harry Slammed for ‘Selfish’ Demands to King Charles, Says Royal Expert

 Prince Harry Slammed for ‘Selfish’ Demands to King Charles, Says Royal Expert

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Prince Harry, who is currently visiting Nigeria with Meghan Markle after concluding his trip to the UK, has faced criticism for his demands to meet with his cancer-stricken father, King Charles. The Duke of Sussex’s brief visit to the UK to attend the Invictus Games anniversary sparked a heated debate after King Charles, 75, told Harry he was “too busy” to meet with him.

No members of the royal family attended the service, and the Duke was instead supported by his late mother Diana’s family, the Spencers. Royal commentator Carole Malone, speaking on GB News, criticized Harry for his “selfish” demands towards the King. She argued that Harry had ample time to visit during his father’s break from royal duties. “He had three months to come and visit,” Malone emphasized, referring to the period when King Charles was off public-facing duties following his cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“If Harry was so keen to build bridges, he’s had three months to come and see him when his dad wasn’t doing anything. He even could have come last week before his engagements for the Invictus Games started. He could have come then and spend some time, but no, he comes for two days in the expects the King to drop his incredibly busy schedule to fit him in for an hour.”

Malone continued: “Yesterday he met Rishi Sunak, he met the PM of Fiji, so it’s not like he’s just making these engagements up. He had them. And the idea that he should drop everything to fit in this selfish way is beyond.”

However, Carole admitted the public’s reaction to Harry’s arrival at St Paul’s shows: “The public is turning. I feel they’re now on Harry’s side and they’re having a go at the King for not seeing him.” Another commentator Jonathan Lis came in the Duke’s defence saying: “We don’t know what’s really happening” behind closed doors.”

Malone’s comments highlighted the ongoing tensions between Prince Harry and the royal family. The strained relationship was further evidenced by the absence of any royal family members at the Invictus Games service, with only Diana’s family providing support to the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry’s recent trip to the UK was a whistle-stop visit, during which he briefly attended the Invictus Games anniversary celebration before heading to Nigeria with Meghan Markle. The couple’s international travels have drawn attention, especially given the continuing rift between them and the royal family.

As Prince Harry and Meghan continue to navigate their public and private lives, the criticism from royal commentators like Carole Malone underscores the ongoing challenges the Duke and Duchess of Sussex face in repairing their relationship with the royal family. Despite the heated debate surrounding Harry’s demands, he remains committed to his charitable work and public appearances, particularly through the Invictus Games.

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