Prince Harry Reportedly Braves U.K. Media over Fears Meghan Markle Would ‘Dump Him’

 Prince Harry Reportedly Braves U.K. Media over Fears Meghan Markle Would ‘Dump Him’

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The connection between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is still being studied by royal and body language experts. The royal pair is still a hot issue, and there are rumors that the Duke of Sussex bravely confronted the British media despite fears that the Duchess of Sussex would abandon him at the time.

From the beginning of their relationship till today, when they are married and have two children, Archie and Lilibet, Prince Harry has defended Meghan Markle. Now that they left the U.K. and lived in the U.S., there are claims the former actress is doing the same to her husband in her home country.

No one would dare to date Princess Diana and Prince Charles‘ youngest son, according to The Times through Daily Express, if the palace couldn’t stand up and back his girlfriend. If nothing is done to help his lady love, she may begin to doubt their relationship and tell him it isn’t what she expected.

According to another source, the 37-year-old royal was terrified that the former “Suits” star would dump him. The couple’s publicist, on the other hand, shot denied these assertions, emphasizing that they were all totally incorrect.

After the Sunday Express disclosed that Meghan Markle was Prince Harry’s new girlfriend at the end of October 2016, she rapidly became the focus of considerable media attention and scrutiny. The duke was forced to issue a statement through his communications secretary, Jason Knauf, in which he claimed that the star of “Horrible Bosses” had been exposed to a “wave of abuse and harassment.”

On social media and web content articles and comments, there were also “racial undertones of comment pieces” and “outright sexism and racism.” Though it was unusual for Prince Harry to make a public declaration about his personal life, he felt compelled to do so in order to defend Meghan Markle.

To begin with, this was not the first time that Prince Harry’s love life had sparked widespread interest in the media. In reality, his previous relationships with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas were terminated because of the high media attention and public scrutiny that comes with dating a member of the royal family.

Meanwhile, after defending Meghan Markle in the United Kingdom, the latter is now doing the same for her husband in the United States. Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that their hand gestures in their infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey said a lot about their relationship.

As per Marie-claire, while Meghan Markle appeared to be in control, her husband appeared to be in need of her help. After years of being a protective husband in the United Kingdom, the tide may have turned now that they are in a different country.

Prince Harry appeared much more fragile, according to James, and Meghan Markle became his “rescuer and protector.” Because appearing in front of the camera is a new experience for him, his wife appears to reassure him that she will be there to help him.

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