Prince Harry Poised to Drop Major Bombshells After Prince William’s Coronation, Royal Expert Claims

 Prince Harry Poised to Drop Major Bombshells After Prince William’s Coronation, Royal Expert Claims


Prince Harry is reportedly preparing to shock the world with a major revelation following Prince William’s coronation, according to a new report. The Duke of Sussex is said to be waiting for the right moment to release new bombshells, a royal expert has claimed. Harry, who caused a global sensation with the release of his memoir “Spare” in January 2023, may go public with more explosive claims after his brother William ascends to the throne. Previously, Harry hinted that he had enough content to write two books.

The expert suggests that the relationship between William and Harry is beyond repair and that the rift between the brothers will worsen after the passing of King Charles. The potential release of additional revelations could further strain the already fragile ties within the royal family.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed that the Prince will wait until his father, King Charles, “inevitably” passes away and his brother becomes King. She told her program Kinsey Schofield Unfiltered: “I do think he would write about his family again. He was waiting to publish a book after [Queen Elizabeth died]. Originally they were saying there was going to be another publication after the [late] Queen died.”

Schofield: “I suspect that maybe he would release a book after his father passed away. Especially if Prince William continues to keep him at arm’s length. Because what would the repercussions be if Prince William pushed you out of the fold?”

In “Spare,” Harry shared deeply personal stories and accusations that rocked the royal establishment. The possibility of more such revelations has kept the public and media on edge, speculating about what else the Duke might unveil. The timing of his next move, particularly around such a significant event as William’s coronation, is likely to amplify its impact.

Royal watchers believe that Harry’s decision to withhold further disclosures until after William becomes king indicates a strategic approach to maximize their effect. “He is acutely aware of the global platform he holds and the power of timing,” the expert noted. “The world will be watching when William is crowned, and any statements from Harry will inevitably overshadow the proceedings.”

This anticipated move underscores the deep divisions within the House of Windsor. Despite efforts at reconciliation, the brothers’ relationship remains fraught, with public spats and private grievances coming to light. The royal family, known for its tradition of maintaining a united front, faces unprecedented scrutiny as internal conflicts spill into the public domain.

Harry’s potential revelations are expected to delve further into his personal experiences and the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the royal family. As he continues to forge his path outside the royal institution, his actions and words carry significant weight, influencing public perception and the future of the monarchy.

As the world awaits Prince William’s coronation, the looming possibility of Harry’s new disclosures adds an element of suspense and uncertainty. Whether these revelations will bring about any change or merely deepen the existing rifts remains to be seen. For now, all eyes are on the Duke of Sussex and his next move in this unfolding royal saga.

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