Prince Harry and Meghan urged to save themselves after making ‘too big of a splash’

 Prince Harry and Meghan urged to save themselves after making ‘too big of a splash’

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke, and Duchess of Sussex, have found themselves in a challenging position in the public eye, as they seem to struggle to fulfill the expectations they set after stepping back from their royal duties. This perspective has been highlighted by public relations expert Mark Borkowski in a recent interview with The Telegraph.

Borkowski notes that the couple made a significant impact with their high-profile exit from the royal family and the subsequent media attention. However, he suggests that the initial enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding their departure may have been overly ambitious.

He comments that their efforts since leaving the royal fold have been somewhat underwhelming in comparison to the initial excitement they generated. According to Borkowski, the Sussexes might have “made too big of a splash” initially, which has led to their actions over the years appearing lackluster in comparison.

The PR expert points out that a substantial portion of the couple’s fame and media attention has stemmed from their revelations about the inner workings and challenges of the royal family. Borkowski argues that this approach, which he describes as ‘toxic’, may not be sustainable in the long term. He advises that Prince Harry and Meghan need to rethink their strategy if they wish to maintain their relevance and influence, particularly in Hollywood circles.

Adding to the complexity of their situation is the recent financial performance of their charitable organization, Archewell. Tax filings have revealed that the foundation experienced a significant drop in pledges and donations, with a loss of over £500,000 last year. This decline in financial support could be indicative of waning public interest and support for the couple’s initiatives.

These developments suggest that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are at a critical juncture in their post-royal journey. As they navigate the challenges of balancing public expectations, media scrutiny, and their ambitions, the need for a strategic pivot seems increasingly apparent. How they adapt and evolve in response to these challenges will likely shape their public standing and influence in the years to come.

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