Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make key change in their upcoming second book

 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make key change in their upcoming second book


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have recently shown gestures of reconciliation towards Prince William and Kate Middleton, are reportedly working on their next literary venture. This news comes from royal commentator and author Tom Quinn, who shared insights with The Mirror about the couple’s intentions for their forthcoming book.

“I’m told the couple have discussed Harry writing another book. He can’t write another Spare, Quinn explained. “But he will be aware that writing a more conciliatory book might even help thaw relations with his brother.”

Given the complexities of their current standing with the royal family, particularly in the wake of Kate Middleton’s recent cancer diagnosis, Harry and Meghan are expected to tread carefully in their narrative approach. The couple’s desire to extend goodwill was evident when they publicly expressed their support for Kate following her courageous revelation about her health struggles.

Prince Harry’s previous work, the memoir “Spare,” made headlines for its candid revelations and quickly rose to prominence as the UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction title last year. The book not only offered a glimpse into the private corridors of the royal household but also shed light on Harry’s strained relationships with key family members, including his father, King Charles, and brother, William.

The disclosures within the pages of “Spare” intensified the existing tensions within the royal family. However, the landscape seems to be shifting as the Sussexes show signs of seeking reconciliation. Their recent statement of support for Kate and Harry’s anticipated return to the UK in May signals potential efforts to bridge the divide.

According to Quinn, Harry’s upcoming visit could serve as an opportunity for the Duke to reconnect with his brother William, fostering a sense of unity that has been missing in recent times. This delicate balance between transparency and discretion will likely define the tone of Harry and Meghan’s upcoming book. As they navigate the intricate dynamics of their royal connections and personal journeys.

The Sussexes seem poised to offer a narrative that reflects their current aspirations for healing and understanding within the family. With the world watching, this next literary endeavor could mark a significant moment in the ongoing saga of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their complex relationship with the British royal family.

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