Prince Harry, Meghan Markle May Reconcile With Queen Elizabeth II Next Year

 Prince Harry, Meghan Markle May Reconcile With Queen Elizabeth II Next Year

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The royal family is said to be feuding with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but that could change soon. The Sussexes are expected to visit the United Kingdom to reconcile with Queen Elizabeth II, according to a royal expert.

Since attending Prince Philip’s funeral, Prince Harry has yet to pay a visit to his family. Meghan, on the other hand, has yet to return to the United Kingdom after resigning as a senior royal.

As a result, according to a media report, Richard Fitzwilliams believes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would reunite with the royal family in a special thanksgiving service next year to honor the late Prince Philip. He went on to say that the two divisive royals were now establishing their own lives in the United States.

They are presently enjoying their “finding freedom” in another country. They will, however, have an opportunity to reconcile with the royals during the Duke of Edinburgh’s thanksgiving service in the New Year.

Meanwhile, with Prince Harry‘s official memoir set to be released in 2022, Fitzwilliams said that the timeline could need to be reconsidered. To facilitate his reunion with the royals, he could adjust his desired release date.

“It would be very difficult because you know that’s going to come out,” the royal author explained. “It’s very difficult to know what you say to someone who’s writing it.”

According to Express, Prince Harry previously said that his book would mostly focus on his life as a member of the royal family and his decision to leave the institution. There are reports that in his memoir, he will show no mercy to the royals, making it a big bombshell about his family.

Some royal observers, however, believe he will never embarrass his grandmother, despite speculation that his book may smear his father, Prince Charles, according to Geo TV. Fans also expect him to show respect to her Majesty in order to maintain the possibility of a reunion with the royal family open.

As per Btimesonline, despite the negative news about Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the queen, it is claimed to be different from what others believe.

Their bond is “stronger than ever,” according to Omid Scobie, author of “Finding Freedom,” and their decision to name their daughter Lilibet demonstrates their closeness to the monarch.

It’s also a hint that, despite the rumors, their relationship is getting closer. Prince Harry and Meghan have nothing but admiration for Queen Elizabeth, and their daughter’s nickname reveals how close they are.

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