Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘trying to create mystery and hype’ with new strategy

 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘trying to create mystery and hype’ with new strategy

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, recently made headlines with her striking return to the red carpet in Los Angeles, stirring conversations amidst ongoing discussions about her and Prince Harry’s relationship with King Charles.

Markle’s appearance at the star-studded Variety’s Power of Woman gala not only caught the public’s eye but also appeared to be a strategic move to generate excitement for her upcoming endeavors. Her presence at the event, which was a surprise to many, was seen as a calculated effort to reignite interest in her career, especially in the entertainment industry, from which she had previously stepped back.

PR expert Andy Barr provided insights to The Mirror about the couple’s public relations approach. He suggested that Harry and Meghan are often criticized by the UK press, making it challenging for them to announce their plans without facing scrutiny or accusations of using public appearances as PR stunts. Barr noted that pre-announcing their activities could also inadvertently detract attention from the causes and events they support.

Moreover, Barr pointed out that Meghan’s unexpected appearance is a classic celebrity tactic. Such moves are designed to create a buzz and maintain a sense of mystery around their activities. By appearing unannounced, they effectively capture public and media attention, sparking curiosity and anticipation.

Barr further mentioned that in recent months, the couple has adopted a more reserved approach to publicizing their activities. They are focusing on building intrigue and excitement by hinting at future projects without revealing too many details. This strategy leaves the public and media eagerly awaiting their next move, wondering where they might make their next unexpected appearance.

This approach, blending the elements of surprise with strategic silence, seems to be a part of the couple’s broader strategy to manage their public image and career plans post their departure from senior royal duties. Their recent activities indicate a shift towards a more Hollywood-style approach to publicity, aligning with Meghan’s background in the entertainment industry.

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