Prince Harry ‘Madly In Love With Meghan Markle and Would Do Anything to Please her

 Prince Harry ‘Madly In Love With Meghan Markle and Would Do Anything to Please her

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The Duchess of Sussex “was the first person who absolutely dazzled” him. Prince Harry is said to be completely in love with Meghan Markle and would go to great lengths to please her and remain by her side.

Tom Quinn, a royal biographer, feels that the 37-year-old does not intend to destroy the royal family. He does not want to harm his family’s reputation because of his wife, and he simply wants the best for her.

He said that the former “Suits” star “was the first person who absolutely dazzled” Prince Harry. He was “completely swept up” in his feelings, and “he will do, in the nicest way, whatever Meghan wants.”

“You know, she’s taken him out of this fairly boring, I mean, they are quite boring for someone who’s young, because, you know, if you’re Prince Harry growing up, you can’t do what you like… because you’re constantly pestered by the paparazzi and you’ve never had a normal life where you’re under this pressure,” Quinn told the “To Di For Daily” podcast adding, “So Meghan was like a door opening… and, you know, going through that into the sunlit uplands… where everything would be different… he could have fun without all the criticism… as well as, of course being completely madly in love with Meghan.”

The author of “Scandals of the Royal Palaces” expressed his concern that the Duke of Sussex would follow in the footsteps of his ancestor, Edward VIII, his great-great-uncle. He abdicated after falling in love with American socialite Wallis Simpson, a divorced woman like Meghan Markle.

He recalled how King-Emperor Edward VIII lived an unhappy and miserable life afterward, because “he thought he would have a role but suddenly he found he had nothing to do.” He also “couldn’t get a job and the British government wouldn’t give him a job and he was no longer King.”

As per, Quinn thinks the “real danger” is that Prince Harry could end up like his ancestor because he “doesn’t really have a role in the royal family because he’s the spare as it were, rather than the heir.” But he could still have his royal patronages and titles if he stayed a working royal. “I think really rather than damage the royal family… I think he’s just madly in love with Meghan and wants to make her happy.”

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