‘Egotistic’ Prince Harry ‘insecure, jealous’ of Meghan Markle

 ‘Egotistic’ Prince Harry ‘insecure, jealous’ of Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry may not feel secure in his wife Meghan Markle’s presence owing to her fame as a Hollywood star.

Sally Baker, a relationship expert, spoke to The Mirror about the Duke of Sussex’s dynamic with Meghan and noted that the Spare author may be struggling with his wife’s fame. 

She elaborated that as Prince Harry tried to find his footing outside of the royal fold, he would feel the brunt of his wife’s success as his own failure. 

She added: “He may feel insecure, jealous, or even threatened by her success. However, with self-reflection and maturity, he can adapt to the changing dynamics in a healthy way.”

Sally advised that in order to get over it, Prince Harry will need to “separate his own ego from the equation and tap into his love and admiration for his talented wife”. 

She elaborated that the Suits actress’ achievements “do not diminish his talents or successes” and added that “there is room for both of them to shine”.

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