Prince Harry hands King Charles ‘snapped’ olive branch

 Prince Harry hands King Charles ‘snapped’ olive branch


Prince Harry had reportedly ‘snapped’ King Charles’ ‘olive branch’ in the monarch’s latest attempt to fizzle out some of the tension between his youngest son and the royal family.

As per reports, the monarch allegedly invited Prince Harry to Balmoral Castle to mark the first death anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II during his trip to the UK for the WellChild Awards.

However, royal expert Charles Rae told The Sun that the Spare author turned down his father’s offer, who was being criticized by the public for ignoring his son on a major day. 

“Charles has been criticized over the last few weeks for not doing enough to send out the olive branch and everything else.

“Well, here he has. He sent out a huge great big olive branch and Harry has snapped it in half.”

The expert went on to add that the monarch continued to dote on his youngest son despite tensions, which resulted from Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, Netflix documentary, and Oprah’s interview.

Rae said during an appearance on TalkTV: “He’s flown more than 5,000 miles to Britain to attend a fabulous charity and his dad says ‘come up here’ because that’s where the royals are…Charles is King, but he’s also a loving father, make no doubt about that Charles loves his boys equally.”

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