Prince Harry getting ‘bored’ in California after calling royal return IMPOSSIBLE

 Prince Harry getting ‘bored’ in California after calling royal return IMPOSSIBLE

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The prospect of Prince Harry resuming his role as a “working royal” has been a topic of much speculation, with consistent denials from both the palace and Harry himself. However, Tom Quinn, a royal expert and author, suggests that Harry might indeed miss his royal duties.

About a year ago, during an interview with Good Morning America, Harry, Meghan Markle’s husband, firmly stated that a return to royal life seemed improbable. He expressed concerns about external pressures and obstacles that would make such a return untenable, even if there were an agreement with his family.

Despite these previous assertions, there are now indications that Harry might be experiencing a sense of ennui in California, leading to speculation about his desire to reclaim his royal status. According to Quinn, Harry’s royal identity is deeply ingrained, and his current lifestyle might not be fulfilling that aspect of his persona. Quinn suggests that Harry might feel that his relevance and global interest hinge on his active participation in royal duties, rather than assuming the role of a retired royal.

Amidst rumors that Harry is contemplating a temporary return to support the Royal Family during King Charles’ illness, Quinn believes that a permanent, part-time arrangement—splitting his time between the United States and the UK—is unlikely. The royal family’s trust in Harry has been eroded, and Meghan’s opposition to such an arrangement further complicates the possibility. The strained relationships within the royal family, according to Quinn, make Harry’s return to royal duties, even temporarily, highly improbable.

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