Prince Harry developing his own truth about things just like Meghan Markle: Royal Expert

 Prince Harry developing his own truth about things just like Meghan Markle: Royal Expert


Prince Harry’s biographer, Angela Levin, responded to his claim that he didn’t hear about therapy in the royal household.

The author of “Harry: Biography of a Prince” appeared on GB News with Nana Akua and discussed the Duke of Sussex’s claim that he never heard the words “therapy” or “coaching” while with the royal family. Levin, who recently released her new royal book “Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort” and spoke thoroughly with Meghan Markle’s husband for his biography, mentioned their previous conversations.

“Well, it’s absolutely wrong because when I interviewed him for my biography of him in 2017, we talked a great deal about mental health,” Levin explained.

She explained that while Prince Harry was dating Markle, he asked the royal prince if his girlfriend was aware of his mental health issues and if she encouraged him to seek help.

“Absolutely not, she’s not involved in the tool,” Prince Harry replied.

“So this is first-hand?” Akua said in response to Levin’s statement. confirming that the information came directly from Prince Harry, the latter stated, “It is first hand.” If she talked to someone else, Akua joked, and Levin said she only talked to Prince Harry about the issue.

It was “interesting,” according to Levin, because years before Prince Harry met Markle, his brother, Prince William, was already encouraging him to seek help and see someone who could help him.

The Duke of Sussex said he declined and “buried my head in the sand.” Prince Harry allegedly told her he was panicked because he knew he wasn’t “mentally sound.”

She also mentioned Heads Together, the mental health initiative founded by Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, which combines a campaign to combat stigma and change the conversation about mental health with a series of fundraising innovations for new mental health services. Levin believed that therapy would be excluded from the discussion.

“I think unfortunately Prince Harry is following Meghan’s way and he’s developing his own truth about things,'” Levin said of Prince Harry. “It’s ridiculous now the way that the two of them don’t seem to mind whether it’s wrong or whether it’s untrue —it’s their truth.”

She went on to say that some people would only remember what they first read and would ignore what the diligent journalists found.

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