Royal Riddle: Harry Scours London Homes as Meghan Mulls UK Comeback

 Royal Riddle: Harry Scours London Homes as Meghan Mulls UK Comeback


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to be at odds regarding their potential return to the UK. Sources suggest that the couple is contemplating purchasing their own property in the UK instead of requesting royal estate accommodations if they decide to establish a base in Britain.

Insiders indicate that the couple will soon commence their search for a property near London. An additional concern revolves around the schooling of their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

According to an insider, “There is a division of opinion within the couple on this matter, but they will soon begin searching for a property near London, with Harry taking the lead. They do not intend to seek a residence on the royal estate due to the issues stemming from Frogmore Cottage.

While the occasional use of a small apartment at Kensington Palace remains an option, they plan to purchase their UK residence independently.” The source also noted, “The verdict is still pending regarding [the children’s education].”

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe also weighed in, suggesting that Harry “has more reason to return to the UK.” Larcombe believes such a move would be advantageous for Harry and his children, allowing them to establish connections with their extended family, The Mirror reports.

He stated, “We’ve seen Harry return to the UK on his own previously, most recently for the anniversary of the Queen’s passing. Harry has more motivation to return to the UK than Meghan, so these visits may become more frequent, especially if he is involved in events like the Invictus Games, which primarily take place in London. It’s unlikely that Meghan will want to spend extensive time in the UK, as she has not exhibited any particular affinity for England.

She has not indicated any desire to relocate back, even temporarily. However, it does make sense for Harry to have a UK base, facilitating family connections. If they don’t establish a base here, Harry’s children may grow up without knowing their cousins, uncles, aunts, or other relatives. They are growing up rapidly, and Harry’s father is not getting any younger. I believe he would want his children to develop relationships with their cousins and, over time, with their father.”

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