Prince Harry ‘cheats’ on Meghan Markle with another woman while abroad?

 Prince Harry ‘cheats’ on Meghan Markle with another woman while abroad?


Prince Harry was advised to resort to cheating with another woman in a bid to improve his relationship with Meghan Markle.

According to relationship expert Jessica Leoni, of Illicit Encounters, a website that allows individuals to cheat, the Duke of Sussex could improve his relationship with the Suits actress if he were to get a different perspective by being involved with a woman other than Meghan. 

“There is a stigma attached to cheating but affairs can provide a unique perspective for individuals on their relationship – and even help revitalize their marriage,” she said according to Daily Star.

“If a partner goes through with an affair, it can force them to look inwards at their actual marriage and start addressing the issues that might have pushed them to cheat in the first place.

“Prince Harry invests a lot of his time into learning about himself and his mind and an affair could be another tool for him to use.

“We just wanted to nudge him in the right direction.”

Speaking about Prince Harry’s busy schedule, where he often travels far, the relationship expert advised that now would be the perfect time to make his move. 

She said: “Harry is in the UK – thousands of miles from Meghan – which is a lot more conducive to cheating.”

“Recent research revealed four in 10 people think it’s ‘ok’ to cheat when they’re abroad, so there is no moment like the present for Harry . . . and it would be an honor.”

This development comes after it emerged that the couple was experiencing fissures in their relationship. 

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