Prince Harry Biographer Says Duke Is ‘Unrecognisable’ From the Man, He Was Just A Few Years Ago

 Prince Harry Biographer Says Duke Is ‘Unrecognisable’ From the Man, He Was Just A Few Years Ago

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The Duke of Sussex, according to Prince Harry’s biographer, is “unrecognizable” from the man she knew when she spent time with him to write his biography.

Angela Levin, a Royal Family specialist who wrote Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2018, told GB News on Monday that Prince Harry has evolved from someone who was “charismatic and intuitive” to someone who is “bitter, angry, and hard done by.”

Anchor Eamonn Holmes of GB News questioned the royal expert whether Prince Harry “you knew then” and the one she knows know “are two different people”.

Ms. Levin replied: “Unrecognisable.”

She explained: “I spent over a year with Prince Harry: he was charismatic, he was intuitive like his mother, brilliant with people who had been amazed physically or mentally, very funny.

“There was the occasional dark cloud that came over him, you could see that he had difficulties in his life but he was terrific, I really enjoyed every minute I spent with him.”

Ms. Levin, on the other hand, suggested that Prince Harry is a thing of the past as she reeled off a raft of very different character traits.

She claimed: “Now he is bitter, he is angry, he feels hard done by, which is astonishing for somebody who is living in a million-pound house with 16-toilet.

“And he feels he has got to have to revenge, that is the real world and that is what is so terrible

“He wants revenge on the Royal Family for how they have treated him and his mother.”

As per Express, Ms. Levin went on to say that in his planned memoirs due out later this year, Prince Harry could also attack his family “left, right, and center”.

She claims Prince Harry has also “changed what he feels about his father” following what she called a “very moving conversation” when he guest-edited Radio 4’s Today program in December 2017.

Ms. Levin said: “I remember when Prince Harry was the guest editor on the Today Programme, he could have several people along who he wanted to talk to about various issues he cared about.

“He also chose to have his father there and it was the most moving conversation you could imagine, where he apologized for being rude about him, how he realized as he got older how wonderful he was.

“It was very warming, and now suddenly he is a monster – he just doesn’t like his father and does anything to upset him.”

Last week, Prince Harry appeared on a live stream held by BetterUp, the mental health organization for which he serves as Chief Impact Officer, telling viewers, “I know that I need to meditate every single day” and that he has “experienced burnout” in his life.

He went on to provide advice, noting that he works out, walks his dog, and “gets out in nature” to aid with his mental health.

The Prince added: “I think people are going to need to rely on each other and on professional help, but also not just professional help. Also friends, family, maybe complete strangers. Anyone can actually help you in that coaching process.”

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