Prince Harry Ponders Contacting Royal Family After Learning of King Charles III and Kate Middleton’s Illnesses ‘On the News

 Prince Harry Ponders Contacting Royal Family After Learning of King Charles III and Kate Middleton’s Illnesses ‘On the News


Prince Harry is being encouraged to connect with his father, King Charles III, and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, as both are currently dealing with medical issues. Reports have emerged this week indicating that the Duchess of Cambridge is in the hospital for abdominal surgery, while King Charles III is preparing to undergo treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Amid these health concerns within the Royal Family, calls have been made for the Duke of Sussex to offer his support during this difficult period. So far, Prince Harry has not publicly commented on these developments. According to The Telegraph, it appears he was only recently made aware of his father’s health condition, learning about it through media reports rather than direct communication.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams addressed the situation in a discussion with The Sun, highlighting the profound rift within the Royal Family. He noted the lack of communication between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William and lamented the unfortunate timing of these health issues.

Fitzwilliams expressed hope that despite the strained relationships, particularly heightened by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revealing Netflix docuseries and Harry’s book “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex would put aside these differences to reach out to his father and Kate.

Fitzwilliams suggested that any such communication should be private, emphasizing the need for discretion in these sensitive matters. He pointed out that Prince Harry had made efforts to mend fences with King Charles III, including wishing him a happy birthday last year, signaling a potential willingness to bridge the gap.

The Princess of Wales is currently recovering at the London Clinic following her abdominal surgery. She is expected to stay in the private clinic for approximately two weeks before returning to her home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. As a result of this medical issue, Kate has proactively canceled all her upcoming social engagements until Easter, giving herself around three months to fully recover.

In light of these circumstances, the Royal Family, particularly Prince Harry, faces a pivotal moment where reaching out could help in healing familial tensions and offering support during challenging times.

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