“Yet another slap in the face” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘tone-deaf’ move fuels rift with royal family

 “Yet another slap in the face” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘tone-deaf’ move fuels rift with royal family

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent attempt to reemerge in the public eye appears to have encountered unexpected challenges and criticism, particularly during a challenging period for the royal family, according to insider information.

Prince Harry made headlines when he attended the prestigious Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Hollywood earlier this month. However, his behavior during the glitzy ceremony left some in his team perplexed and concerned. At the event, Prince Harry made a surprising remark about King Charles in the context of his health battle, which raised eyebrows and led to his team “holding their heads in their hands.”

In contrast, Meghan Markle wisely chose to skip the glitzy event, staying at home to care for one of their children who had fallen ill. Only a few days later, the couple made headlines once again when they attended the premiere of a new Bob Marley film in Jamaica. This time, their actions garnered attention for a different reason, the Mirror reports.

During their Jamaican visit, Prince Harry and Meghan were seen getting close to the Jamaican Prime Minister, who advocates for severing ties with the monarchy. This public appearance occurred while King Charles was undergoing treatment for an enlarged prostate, and the Princess of Wales was recovering from abdominal surgery.

What raised further eyebrows was the couple’s failure to publicly send well wishes to King Charles or Princess Kate during their respective health challenges. This has led to reports suggesting that the Royal Family views Prince Harry and Meghan’s public outings as “yet another slap in the face.”

A source close to the situation told Heat magazine, “They were already stinging from the criticism Harry got after the Aviation Awards, so she’d hoped this appearance would calm down the negativity. Instead, they’re being accused of insensitivity and even betrayal, which she believes is vindictive and ridiculous, given that they left the royal family ages ago and have every right to associate with whoever they like. But the view inside the royal family is that this is yet another example of them being tone-deaf.”

Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir, “Spare,” which caused significant friction within his estranged family last year, including with his father King Charles, and his brother Prince William, has not endeared him to royal fans in recent months.

Although it was reported that the couple had plans to reconcile with Harry’s estranged family this year, particularly after Kate Middleton underwent major abdominal surgery and Charles had a prostate procedure, their relationship with the royal family remains far from being fully repaired. The challenges and controversies surrounding their recent public appearances have added complexity to an already delicate situation.

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