Prince Harry Allegedly Homesick And Wants To ‘Abandon’ Nightmare-Filled Life With Meghan Markle In United States

 Prince Harry Allegedly Homesick And Wants To ‘Abandon’ Nightmare-Filled Life With Meghan Markle In United States

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Prince Harry is said to be “homesick” with Meghan Markle in the United States. After understanding that the “grass isn’t greener across the Atlantic,” he wants to return to the United Kingdom.

Insiders from the White House spoke to the National Enquirer, which published the charges in its February 14 issue. The royal-born Prince, it is claimed, is “trapped in a living nightmare” as his wife pursues her Hollywood dreams.

The Duchess of Sussex is also said to have “roped” her husband to break connections with the British Royal Family. As a result, he abandoned his obligations and responsibilities as a working royal in exchange for a fresh life in his wife’s home country.

Prince Harry is believed to be “desperately trying to crawl back” to his family after his claimed realizations. He also intends to “abandon money-hungry Meghan Markle’s California gold rush.”

The Duke of Sussex intends to rejoin the Royal Firm, according to the sources. Knowing that Queen Elizabeth II is “furious at him” as a result of the dramas and scandals, he is seeking assistance from Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales, the youngest of the Wales princes, is supposedly “shamelessly using” the British Monarch to get consent for his return. It’s also been reported that he’s been in secret communication with his father, informing him that he wishes to reunite with the rest of the family ahead of the Platinum Jubilee and Prince Philip’s memorial service.

However, it is uncertain whether the insiders’ information is accurate. They never supplied a shred of evidence to back up their claims, and they failed to present a credible source to back up their claims.

As per Btimesonline, the British Royals who are involved in the story have also remained silent. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Charles do not appear to be aware of the allegations, making the most recent claims hypothetical.

However, following Queen Elizabeth II’s health scare in late 2021, some experts predicted that the Duke of Sussex might return to his royal responsibilities. Many people assumed he’d be one of the British Royals who would take over part of the monarch’s responsibilities at the time.

Cosmopolitan explained that Prince Harry is one of the Counsellors of State. This means that the designated advisers can take over if the ruling monarch is unable to carry out vital tasks and responsibilities.

However, given Queen Elizabeth II’s speedy recovery, the appointed royals were not required to take over.

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