Experts deny Prince Harry’s accusation against Charles and Diana

 Experts deny Prince Harry’s accusation against Charles and Diana


An expert in current events appears to have dismissed Prince Harry’s claim about his upbringing.

In recent months, the Duke of Sussex has made a number of claims about his time as a royal, both in his documentary and in his memoir Spare.

In one of his most recent interviews, Harry joked that his late mother, Princess Diana, and his father, King Charles, would have “a lot” of rows ahead of him.

He informed Dr. Gabor Maté, a trauma expert, that he intended to smother his children with love.

Harry shared: “Do not have those disagreements, arguments, whatever it is…

“Luckily my wife and I don’t have those. The idea of having those in front of the kids? I assume that my parents probably had a lot of those in front of me, maybe that’s where it comes from.”

These allegations, however, have now been refuted.

Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer, claims she met with a servant who claimed Charles and Diana never clashed with the children around.

“She said there was never once that Harry witnessed a row between his parents. William did a little bit and he did suffer, but Harry never suffered,” she told OK! Magazine. “He’s certainly got that wrong. He never witnessed his parents fighting.”

As a result, the expert went on to say that Harry “has it in” for Charles’ parenting.

As a result, she urged that Prince Harry consider how busy Charles was with royal duties.

“What Harry fails to remember is that Charles had an appointment in his diary every 20 minutes,” said Ingrid.

She went on to say that he will make time for them in his royal diary on a daily basis.

She added: “He scheduled time with his children and he took them to things like the polo and skiing. And he did gardening and taught them all about plants. He did that kind of fathering.”

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