Princess Kate’s uncle Gary ‘copying’ Prince Harry: ‘Kicking the royals while they’re down’

 Princess Kate’s uncle Gary ‘copying’ Prince Harry: ‘Kicking the royals while they’re down’

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Princess Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has stirred controversy by participating in Celebrity Big Brother, drawing comparisons to Prince Harry’s recent public disclosures. Renowned royal biographer Angela Levin has criticized Goldsmith’s actions, suggesting he is emulating Harry by revealing private family matters and thereby undermining the royal family during challenging times.

While on Celebrity Big Brother, Goldsmith has touched upon Princess Kate’s health issues and has even discussed the Prince of Wales’ attempts to mend fences with Prince Harry, indicating a willingness to reconcile. Levin, however, casts doubt on the accuracy of Goldsmith’s statements and expresses apprehension about what further revelations he might share as the show progresses. Levin’s comments reflect a broader concern about the potential impact of Goldsmith’s participation in the reality show on the royal family’s privacy and public image.

She told The Sun“Now I was really shocked about that because I’ve been under the idea that he didn’t want to meet with Harry. That he was so furious with Harry he didn’t want to see him.” “So here we have this uncle saying something quite differently. Find that perhaps not realistic or not true,” she added.

Angela shared her concern for how Gary will behave during the rest of his stay on the show: “Goodness knows what he’ll be doing further down, because he needs to sort of talk about it.”

This development underscores the delicate balance between personal freedom and the responsibilities that come with being associated with the royal family, even for more distant relatives like Goldsmith. The situation raises questions about the boundaries of privacy for the royals and their extended family members, particularly in an era where public figures often find themselves under intense media scrutiny.

She also weighed in on his comments about his niece, the Princess of Wales, saying, “And he said that Catherine is lovely outside, and even more lovely inside. But the next breath, what he likes to do is to disturb and upset everybody around him. Now, what sort of person is that? “But I think it’s very, very distasteful. And really it’s a horrible way to present yourself,” she asserted. 

As Goldsmith continues his stint on Celebrity Big Brother, all eyes will be on how his revelations might shape public perceptions of the royal family and whether his actions will further strain already tense relationships within the monarchy. Levin’s concerns highlight the ongoing challenges faced by the royals in managing their private lives in the public eye and the potential consequences of family members sharing sensitive information on public platforms.

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