Fresh Royal Drama ‘Ruins’ Prince Harry and Meghan’s UK Reunion

 Fresh Royal Drama ‘Ruins’ Prince Harry and Meghan’s UK Reunion


This Christmas season did not witness a reunion between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the Royal Family at Sandringham, contrary to earlier speculations and hopes. The Mirror had reported that sources close to the royal family believed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might consider spending the festive season in Britain.

However, the release of Omid Scobie’s latest book, ‘Endgame,’ seems to have thrown a wrench in these plans. Although the Sussexes neither authored nor endorsed the book, Scobie is known to be a supporter of the couple. This association has seemingly affected the couple’s public image and standing with the royal family.

Royal commentator Gareth Russell, speaking to GB News, opined that the timing of ‘Endgame’s release was particularly detrimental. He noted that the book’s publication has further marred the Sussexes’ brand, especially following The Hollywood Reporter labeling them as “the biggest losers.” Russell pointed out that the couple’s prominence in the media is often linked to perceived criticisms of the Royal Family, a narrative that hasn’t garnered public sympathy.

He further observed a decline in public interest and sympathy towards Harry and Meghan, a stark contrast to the significant attention they once commanded.

Meanwhile, the royal family continued their Christmas traditions. King Charles and Queen Camilla were seen attending the St Mary Magdalene Church on the royal estate in Norfolk on Sunday, December 23. They were joined by Queen Anne, Sir Timothy Laurence, and Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Thompson, with King Charles offering greetings to the gathered well-wishers.

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