Meghan Markle makes ‘silly’ move to divert attention from Kate Middleton return, says royal expert

 Meghan Markle makes ‘silly’ move to divert attention from Kate Middleton return, says royal expert

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Meghan Markle faced criticism for launching two new products from her lifestyle brand just hours before Trooping the Colour and Kate Middleton’s highly anticipated return following her cancer diagnosis. Prince Harry’s polo friend, Nacho Figueras, shared photos of luxury raspberry jam and dog biscuits from Markle’s brand, American Riviera Orchard. The timing of the launch has drawn ire from some observers, who perceive it as an attempt to divert attention from significant royal events.

Richard, a commentator, suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might be seeking to overshadow the headline-making occasions. He remarked that their actions appear aimed at diverting attention from the traditional royal celebrations and Kate Middleton’s poignant public appearance.

In conversation with The Sun, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams dubbed Meghan’s move ‘odd’ and ‘ridiculous.’ He said, “”Megan and Harry know perfectly well every single thing they do is monitored by the press.” The royal expert continued, “The idea that they would do something on the day of Trooping the Colour. I mean, it’s pretty silly.”

He continued, “The Sussexes have never cared about the royal protocol, that you don’t have a diary clash.” “Meghan would not have been advised to do this by any of her public relations consultants. This is something of a joke. It’s very, very odd. If she just sent the jam to a friend, she should have asked him not to post it, because otherwise it clearly makes them object to mockery,” Richard added.

The timing of Markle’s product launch has been viewed by critics as particularly insensitive, given the importance of Trooping the Colour, an event that marks the official birthday of the British monarch and features a grand military parade. This year’s ceremony was especially notable as it coincided with Kate Middleton’s return to public life after her cancer diagnosis, making it a moment of significant public interest and emotional resonance.

The new products—luxury raspberry jam and dog biscuits—were showcased by Figueras on social media, drawing mixed reactions. Some fans praised Markle’s entrepreneurial spirit, while others felt the launch was poorly timed and appeared to compete with the royal family’s events.

Critics argue that Markle’s decision to release new items from her brand on such a significant day for the royal family highlights ongoing tensions and the couple’s complex relationship with the monarchy. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have often been at the centre of media scrutiny, and this latest incident has only added to the public discourse surrounding their actions and motivations.

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