King Charles Plans to Cease Funding Brother’s Private Security

 King Charles Plans to Cease Funding Brother’s Private Security


Prince Andrew is facing significant fallout following his involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s scandal, with King Charles reportedly planning to cease funding his brother’s private security. This decision could force Prince Andrew to vacate the Royal Lodge, his home since 2004 on the Windsor Castle estate. The Duke of York moved into the property, previously occupied by the Queen Mother, under a 75-year lease agreement.

The recent disclosure of documents related to the Epstein case has further marred Prince Andrew’s public image. A source speaking to the Daily Mail suggested that these developments might solidify King Charles’ resolve to address the “Andrew problem.”

The source indicated a clear distinction in Prince Andrew’s participation in royal activities, stating, “There is no way back for any public role for his brother. While he can attend private and family events, public or official appearances are off the table.”

Prince Andrew, who currently lives in the 31-room mansion with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, has also resisted King Charles’ suggestion to relocate to Frogmore Cottage, previously occupied by Prince Harry and Meghan. “Family matters are complex, but this association with Epstein is inescapable and necessitates action,” added the insider.

In addition to housing concerns, King Charles is expected to withdraw financial support for Prince Andrew’s security at Royal Lodge, as reported by Telegram. If Prince Andrew decides to remain at the residence, he would be responsible for the substantial cost of his security measures.

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