Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson involved in fraud case with ‘corrupt’ financier

 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson involved in fraud case with ‘corrupt’ financier


Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duke and Duchess of York, have once again become embroiled in a financial scandal following a recent ruling by the High Court. The case revolves around a sum exceeding £1 million that the royal pair received from Selman Turk, a financier embroiled in allegations of corruption. This payment was made on behalf of Nebahat Isbilen, a wealthy Turkish heiress.

The core of the legal battle lies in Isbilen’s accusation against Turk, who she claims deceived her into transferring £750,000 to Prince Andrew. She was led to believe that the payment was in return for assistance in obtaining a passport. However, Turk, a former Goldman Sachs banker, has contested this claim. He insists that the substantial sum was intended as a gift for the Duke of York, purportedly in celebration of his daughter Princess Eugenie’s marriage to Edoardo Mozzi in 2020, told The Times.

Andrew was also paid £170,000 by Alphabet, a company connected to Turk, over the course of a week, prompting Sarah to express her gratitude to the financier in an email, saying: “Dear Selman, I am Sarah, the friend of Tarek.”

“You have been incredibly kind and supportive and I wish to honour your support and care. Would you be so kind to help and I would be delighted to invite you and Mrs Turk to dinner at Royal Lodge.”

Adding complexity to the case are the Yorks’ connections to Turk, which allegedly came about through Tarek Kaituni, a figure with a controversial past including convictions related to arms smuggling and associations with Colonel Gaddafi. According to High Court judge Sir Anthony Mann, Turk had visited the Yorks between 20 to 30 times, highlighting the extent of their interactions.

In a turn of events aimed at resolving the matter discreetly, Andrew and Sarah have agreed to a private settlement with Nebahat Isbilen. This agreement effectively shields them from further scrutiny in this multifaceted legal drama, which sees Turk and several offshore entities as defendants. This settlement allows the Duke and Duchess of York to step back from the ongoing legal proceedings, which continue to unravel the intricate web of financial transactions and alleged misdeeds.

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