Workplace Friendships Or Office Romance

 Workplace Friendships Or Office Romance

Ofices romanceOffice is that place where we spend so much of time our life. So to make or build relations to our colleagues is a natural process. But sometimes workplace friendships change into romance. It seems a dramatic situation and feels good Workplace friendship is an interpersonal commitment. Office is a place where a group of people work together. People belong to different places, races, families but their tasks, views and goals are same. For team work they spend a lot of their time together and share ideas and views. We attend office parties, lunches and dinners at same place because it’s a good opportunity to maintain relations or friendships each other.

FriendshipsThis type of friendship is better than internet or bar friendships because we spend more time with colleagues in office than those places and have more chances to analyze others. It is natural that men and women feel attraction for each other but when their views and thinking are also same, their chemistry forces them to build a relationship. And this mutual understanding or friendships turns into love or office romance and couple decide to get marry It is said that workplace friendship is a key of happiness and success of team working and business tasks. Workplace friendships is useful to achieving the goals and very helpful in business matters.

Workplace friendships increase team work and workplace morale Workplace relations create a more friendly and supportive workplace. It provides higher job satisfaction among employees Workplace friendships make employees more motivated and company can compete the risks or overcome on the crises.Workplace friendships or office romance reduce employees’ turnover and create strong commitment to company or organization. Workplace Friendships increase employee’s engagement and influence on productivity/performance Remember workplace friendships should be limited and do not cross its boundaries, otherwise it creates many problems and harmful for office’s credibility.

Office Romance FriendshipsWhen people’s work brings them together in close association with each other, the single can easily trap and victimize unconscious development of attraction. This type of attraction or association calls romance. Office romance is very common in our society but most of the people dislike it because it has many disadvantages.For explain its demerits, we discuss the kinds of office romance Relationships between mentors/supervisors and subordinate creates many hurdles in the way company’s growth and progress. Boss-subordinate brings out the worst of the risks associated with office romance. Such relationships create unequal treatment atmosphere at workplace.

This perception of favoritism, whether legitimate or not, can influence badly on a small firm’s productivity and underlying health.Relationship between peers is also a kind of office romance which is not obviously without risk. Mostly romances end badly; in result it creates stress at workplace, loss of productivity and even some cases, the departure of valued employees A fling is one more type of office romance. It is basically short-lived romance. Like other kinds it also has bad results.

FriendshipsWhen one of the partnersleaves the office or couple faces the break up, than not only victimized hurt but also the whole environment of the office is badly affected. In spite of all above disadvantages workplace friendships or office romance has another bitter reality Many flirting and harassment cases can see in world which is the output of workplace friendships or office romance. Some evil nature men use the women as sexual partner and leave them after use.

Lust-stricken men deceive the women on the name of love. Many rape cases are occurred in the worlddue to workplace friendships or office romance. In short we can say workplace friendships or office romance may be helpful to establish friendly and cooperative environment but it should be limited otherwise its results create stress and obstacles in the growth of company or business and also damage the credibility of owners.

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