Did you know about Office Grooming Blunders?

 Did you know about Office Grooming Blunders?

Well, Men’s grooming is as complicated and complex as women’s. The worst part is that majority of men, in order to be well-groomed, make grooming blunders which are simply intolerable. Most shockingly, office grooming blunders can be really embarrassing in a corporate environment. This article will present with several office grooming blunders in which the majority of men are involved and in order to prevent you from committing any of these office grooming blunders, this article will present useful remedies too.


Dandruff is one the most common office grooming blunders in which men are involved. Majority of men do not really care about dandruff and not even bothered to get rid of it. But just for once imagine that you sitting next to your boss on a very important meeting and you run your hand through your hair, your shoulder will be like a snowy mountain with dandruff flakes. Trust me, you don’t want that. Besides, dandruff is harmful for hair and scalp too. You must use a good anti-dandruff shampoo regularly to get rid of this office grooming blunder.

Body Odor

Picture a situation where you are sitting in a business meeting with your colleagues and boss. You haven’t taken bath and your body stinks. Your boss might think of demoting you, or to avoid you in further meetings. Your colleagues will start maintaining distance too. So you have to avoid this office grooming blunder. In remedy for this blunder, you must take bath daily and use a long-lasting deodorant.

Yellow Smile

Office grooming blunders proudly present yellow smile i.e. yellowish teeth. You smile, in many ways, reflects your personality and style. What impression will yellow teeth portray? If you want the answer than stand in front of the mirror and smile, you will know how bad it is. With your smile, you can attract and distract many so you have to be careful about your teeth too. Especially, smokers have the most yellowish teeth. Keep your teeth clean and mouth fresh.

Dirty Nails

Majority of men are least bothered about their dirty and growing nails. Dirty nails can really embarrass you in front of many. You have to avoid this office grooming blunder at first place. Cut your nails short and keep them clean.

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