Talk And Take Her Heart Away

 Talk And Take Her Heart Away

talk-and-take-her-heart-awayWhen it comes to impressing a woman, money, looks power, and popularity comes on second and the most important thing is the ability to talk to her. If you can master the art of talking to her, you can easily hit her right on heart. Impressing a woman with your talks is not a big deal, all you need to know is what turns her off and what turns her on and there you go right on the way to success.

The biggest factor that turns women off is when you are desperately trying to impress her, women are so quick in this one, and they can immediately guess that you’re trying too hard to impress her,

Do not act like a nervous wreck when you want to impress her. .  A woman expects a man to powerful, confident, and secure with himself.  If she senses that you don’t possess those traits she will quickly lose attraction towards you.

The lack of social awareness can be your biggest enemy if you are trying to make her flat. Women are social creatures.  And they blindly follow the “social norms” If a man doesn’t seem aware of what is socially acceptable or “cool” she will quickly dismiss him as being “below” her. For example, making inappropriate comments while talking to her, not taking the ‘cues’ she is sending you or continually telling jokes that no one finds funny.

Women are easily turned off by guys are ‘boring’ If you continually find yourself facing awkward silences, stuff in boring “interview mode” or talking about mundane topics like the weather, you can be sure that the woman you’re talking to will quickly lose interest.

You know what turns her off, now let’s come to small little things that can amazingly turn her on. The best talk is that brings out her naughty, fun-loving, playful side. You must be able to flirt. Women expect a man to be able to lead a conversation in a fun, flirty, and sexy way.  She wants you to be able to make her laugh, smile, and feel safe and secure around you.

Women are all about emotions, so talk about things that are emotionally connected to her like her childhood memories, passions and philosophies about life. It is the best way to form an emotional bond.

You need to display that you are a socially intelligent man Women are insanely turned on by men they believe has power, status, and social approval. Now its not necessary that you really must have these things, rather talk to her in a way that these sort of men would talk. You have to talk to her from a place of power, status, and slight superiority.

The key to get to her heart is to get intimate. This definitely doesn’t mean that you start talking about sex, but it does mean that you don’t shy away from personal and intimate topics. .  These are the sort of topics that create rapport and have women start feeling a connection towards you.

Tease her for it is the best way to make conversation fun and flirtatious. Tell her what you have observed about her but never ever compliment her on eyes, body or face in the beginnings.

All in All, FUN is the master key, talk to her in a way that makes her feel so much fun, but that fun obviously doesn’t mean funny. Lead your conversation to playful, flirty topics while slowly letting the sexual tension build and then being dominant enough to go in for the kiss at the exact moment she is waiting to be kissed.

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