Relationship Advice Direct From Heart

 Relationship Advice Direct From Heart

relationship-advice-direct-from-heartSometimes it is believed that words speak louder than our actions especially when it comes to the matter of heart. Here are some interesting ways for men to enhance their relationship with their dream girl.

The relationship tip for men suggests that men need to dream your own romantic love letter. Forget the words and begin to write whatever comes to your mind.  Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down, let your shoulders drop and take a few deep breaths, at least 5 or 6 and start writing.

Women love to hear romantic words, so this relationship tip suggests that close your eyes and begin visualizing the one you love and create a movie of you slowly running your eyes over every inch of your ‘dream girl face.’ Feel her heart beat against yours and take in the warmth of their skin. How do you feel?

Another relationship advice for men in this regard is to get hold of emotional memories that fuel you to write a love letter or poem. You should be in a better mood for writing, relaxed and smiling. Take a few more deep breaths before you begin to write. Love and emotions are intangible concepts so you need “furniture” to make it real. Your movie gives you this material. Relate the juicy details of the surrounding scenery, your love, what all your senses experience and add them to your love letter.

In order to make your relationship strong, simply list all the qualities you appreciate about your love: physical, emotional, gestures, favourite sayings, funny habits. For physical, start at the top of their head and work down to their toes. For emotional, list different situations and how their response makes you feel. A relationship tip which works like magic!

Another relationship advice is that you can make a list of things about which both of you dream. Add a photo of both of you digitally or glue it on afterward on a letter or spray cologne on a romantic love letter.

The relationship tip suggests, that looks up a favourite poem and see if you can change a few lines to personalize it. Go all out and dress up for the occasion. Believe me, once you get the hang of it, love letters will flow from your heart and fingers. Remember the little kid in you and keep it simple for perfect relationship.

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