Overcoming Shyness

 Overcoming Shyness

The problem with being shyness is that you miss out all the fun in life, it is a very common observation that shy men tend to focus more on their lives and do not develop a good relationship. Women feel contempt towards such people but deep down know that shy man like them.

Shyness seems to be a common problem among men and striking up a conversation or approaching girls for dating relationship becomes a nightmare for them.

Here is what men can do to overcome their shyness you can go to class, work or shopping and find woman of their choice. If you are pretty introvert than finding an outgoing person will help you overcome your shyness. The problem is that shy man experience social awkwardness every moment. It is suggested that for casual friendship with women, join groups (pottery class or any other class) that you like to pursue.

Wherever you see a nice girl, talk to her and be yourself, act normally and remember that women want charming and confident men. According to women, ‘nice guys’ are boring, lack confidence and attractions.

So the only person who can take action is YOU! So guys, just talk to any woman like any man, completely uninterested romantically. If it is meant to happen, you’ll get signals from her end.

Similarly, if you are impatient develop a skill at talking to women and try to set yourself up into situations where you would be forced to talk to women also blind dates are always fun. Most men tend to be shy because they were scared of what women would think of them, so relax.

Surround yourself with people that have good things to say about you! Those are usually ones that know you for a long time. Do things that make you feel good and above all ‘be yourself.’

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