Why Technology has made us Rude and Lazy

 Why Technology has made us Rude and Lazy

Technology has Made us Rude and LazyThe world has rapidly turned in to a global village where life has become impossible without technology. If you are not a technology pro person in this world then you will definitely feel like an alien. Today the technology is moving at such a fast pace that they are coming up with things that require the human effort less and less every day. Everything today is about remote controls and touch pad systems.

You have to turn back to tech-savvy things in order to live your life in today’s world. Another thing that technology is doing is that it is making us rude and lazy by the day. The technology is now offering so many things to do for us that we literally don’t have to put in any human effort as far as few things are concerned. The way the technology is taking over seems like they make it look like there is no human effort required at all and life is impossible without these technology things.

In return technology has made us rude and lazy. There was a time when families used to sit together and talk about their day and their lives and today kids are seen with their cell phones and laptops all the time while sitting in their living room and it is sometimes a major conversational barrier. Little kids are busy with her cell phones or video games while their parents are trying to talk to them. This lifestyle has definitely made people rude in a way.

Technology has also made us extremely lazy because it is offering everything to do on its own that people have stopped using their physical strength in things which is also bad for their health. Since everything is taking place with just a touch people are becoming alien to the idea of doing things on their own which they should if they want to stay active and healthy. This tech-savvy world is definitely turning people towards being rude and lazy.

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