Know What to Say And When to Melt Her Heart

 Know What to Say And When to Melt Her Heart

Ways and tips on how to propose a girl when you want her to be yours forever. As the popular notion goes, men are definitely from Mars (the passionate planet), and women from Venus, the love planet. Nature’s most wonderful creation, a girl loves unconditionally and her love is forever.

She can love like there is no tomorrow and hate like you wish you would die. As solid and patient as earth, she can be a protector, a healer a creator and a destroyer. With the diversity in the women’s nature, men might find it difficult to propose them in a way she dreams of.

For the accomplishment of this difficult but not impossible task every man should do a little homework for proposing their sweetheart before they set for the desired interest. They need to know what she likes and dislikes and more importantly how she reacts on certain situations. This homework would help you plan the proposal in a better way.

When you have decided to propose a girl, try to know about her general nature, whether she is sporty and adventurous or shy and an introvert. If she is shy it would be best to propose her when you two are alone at a peaceful place.

The conventional way of proposing a girl by going down on your knees in public is still the best way to propose a girl. But a shy girl might not reciprocate the action and it could be embarrassing for the two of you. Girls are good at judging when a guy is genuinely attracted towards her.

You can also get a CD of nice songs that help you convey your message to her; you can then play the CD when you two are alone. Girls love pampering so just make her feel special and make sure you are strong. Girls like men who are strong. Appreciate her and she will love you more. Don’t push her to say yes, let her take her time; this would maintain the respect of the relationship.

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