The Blame Cycle: Why We Still Act like we’re in Kindergarten

 The Blame Cycle: Why We Still Act like we’re in Kindergarten

The Blame Cycle“The Blame Cycle: Why We Still Act like we’re In Kindergarten” is the hot debate over centuries among scholars, researchers and common men. What actually is blame? It is a disruptive psychological behavior that deeply embedded in our present society due to many reasons. These days, not only females but men also tend to use and view blame cycle as a necessary behavior. Put your shoes in other’s foot are a common practice among us. In real sense, blame cycle is a four headed monster that carries criticism, accusation, punishment and humiliation.

Today, we are discussing this blame cycle in a context of why we still act like we’re in Kindergarten. This seems true and somehow good to children as they are innocent and they don’t know how to act well and how to behave according to the societal norms. They blame to their play mate about their cheating but this doesn’t contain any harmful thinking or to take revenge. In fact, in our scenario a men use a blame cycle to attack and harm others. This blame cycle helps him to reduce his stress and anxiety by dumping the fears and depressions onto others.

Not only in the politics and in professional work place but even at grocery store, at barber’s shop or even while walking on a street men tend to use blame cycle and act like we are in Kindergarten. Let me give you an example of the Blame Cycle: why we still act like we’re in Kindergarten?

When your boss verbally attacks on your rival colleague or an opponent, you momentarily feel less threatened and more secure and relax because the other person’s potential and position is weakened in front of you. Later, the opponent responds in same kind and the blame cycle continue. This blame cycle attitude may lead to bullying and self-attack and the cycle goes on and on.

By writing on this issue of the Blame Cycle and why we still act like we’re in Kindergarten, I strongly feel that this blame cycle must be stop in our society so that our men as well as women also will lead a stress free life and put their emphasis and energies on the positive side.

Now my dear readers, stop continue this blame cycle and stop to act like we are in Kindergarten and spend a happy and contented life.

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