Rules in a Relationship

 Rules in a Relationship

Every individual is different. What works for one might not work for the other. This basic fact is true for relationships and couples. Every couple has a unique relationship but still there are a few basic rules of relationships.

1. Talk and explore, don’t assume

Assumptions bring those harsh lines in every relationship. This rule of relationship should never be broken. If you see your partner doing something wrong or something she does not do usually do not simply assume why she is doing it. You should always talk to her about it. Assumptions always create misunderstandings. She will appreciate your effort to explore things.

2. Don’t hide things

Hiding things from your girlfriend is the worst thing to do in a relationship. When your share things with her this will bring you both closer and she will trust you more. So tell her if you are still friends with your ex because if she finds out later, she will be too offended.  This relationship rule is the key to a perfect relationship.

3. Listen to her when you should

It is not important that you two should be doing fun all the time. Sometimes watching a movie or going for picnic is not a good idea. Sometimes she just needs you to listen to her and be there for her. Though doing fun things together make relationships stronger but talking and listening is one rule of a relationship that is very essential. She might be having trouble at home with family or she might be stressed about work. At that time you should just listen to her.

4. Manage differences

Couples are a team. Their differences make their team better. Different perspectives and different qualities make their relationship stronger because this way they can complement each other. So whenever differences arise don’t get too upset. Respect each other’s perspective and try to resolve them. No two individuals think alike. You should be compromising.

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