Relationship 101- Too Smooth, Too Good?

What’s the one problem that all couples have after being together for a long time?

  1. Something that (they unanimously agree) took the spark out of relationship
  2. Something that makes each day appears like a series of mechanical chores…
  3. Something that always makes them bickers too much or become totally indifferent…

No, we’re not talking about KIDS here, but yeah, close guess! The problem of MONOTONY takes the adrenaline rush out of every relationship. True, things are ought to get smoother when you people are together in a relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a quiet bland life like a cliché.

You can rekindle the flame of romance from any creative, yet attainable means. Here are few suggestions to keep your imagination going.

Always trying to be alone together? Well, you shouldn’t. Its right that you need quality time together, but do keep some gathering of common friends that you can hang around with. Try some fun activities together. You can always pass meaningful stares and little flirting while you’re together. It gives a feeling of youthfulness to your relationship.

CAUTION: Don’t forget to notice or compliment your partner in the midst of laughter and fun…It’s going to be you ALONE at home to face the angry dragon! ?

Adventurous kind? Sure! Explore new places, restaurants, activities when you’re together. You don’t always have to march with a flag ahead. Try some of ‘her’ (your partners) stuff once in a while… Against your expectations, that could be fun to get a pedicure together! No, seriously, it’s cute to keep a track of doing any “firsts” together. It may seem you’ve done EVERYTHING possible, but brainstorm together…you’ll find many prospects of getting closer.

Gifts do charm your spouse or girlfriend. They don’t have to be expensive solitaire diamonds, but little gestures of love. Here’s a minefield: Women tend to notice if there’re always “strings attached” with your gifts. Coming late every day and bringing flowers on your way back would not do the trick. There has to be an element of surprise and unconditional love in relationship.

Another way is to introduce a third party. No, I’m not suggesting promiscuity! If your spouse agrees, you can have babies. However, if you are not ready, then go for some pet (dog, cat or a gold fish, etc). Doing so would maintain interest, share responsibility and would relate you in more than one way.

These techniques are highly effective, but still you may need to tailor them according to your preference. Also, you must understand that such stuff isn’t applied as “damage control” or last resort. To get the full benefit out of it, you must incorporate these little things in your relationship, periodically.

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