How To Deal With A Difficult Boss

How To Deal With A Difficult BossAt some point in our professional life, we are going to face a difficult. That is the real time when you have to know about the tips of how to deal with a difficult boss.

We can’t deny the fact that many people in their professional life face difficult boss. These are some of the common wordings for such a difficult boss that “he is a jerk; my boss is seriously a headache, she is stupid, weird and absurd”. 

Many people face difficulty on the issue and don’t know how to deal with a difficult boss. It is also observed that you might face unfair or injustice because of the favoritism of your supervisors with your difficult boss. In your professional life, it is also seen that at times you want to quit your job just because of the behavior of your difficult boss. But let me ask, quitting is the only solution?

Quitting a job is not a solution of how to deal with a difficult boss.

It is the time to face the fact. Your boss is your boss, whether difficult or challenging. And you not only have to obey his commands and orders and also make and maintain good relationships with him. This is quite true that boss is always right but let change this according to your mind and way of dealing a difficult boss. Never quit a company just because you don’t know how to deal with a difficult boss. You don’t know the next boss you will plan to join might be worse than your previous boss. The first and only solution is to learn the tips and tricks of how to deal with a difficult boss.

Tips of how to deal with a difficult boss:

This is true that boss is always not right but he has a right to be treated right. If your difficult boss is stud you might lose his respect and no longer respect him as a boss but remember you are an employer so it is your duty to pay respect to his designation. Before going to take any decision, let ask some questions to yourself.


  •     Ask yourself how well do you perform? Rate your performance time to time. Always check your work and tasks before sending it to your difficult boss.
  •     Always prepare and planned. It might be possible that sometime your supervisor creates hurdles for you and report negatively to your boss. It is however very important for you to be prepare for these types of issues. Make plan a, b and c. Before going to deal with a situation creates by your bad supervisor than use plan A.  Plan B and C will be your best alternative on how to deal with your difficult boss.
  •     Never use emotions at working place and in professional life. This will get you in more trouble. Always be calm and cool. Analyze the situation and your angry boss mood with cool mind and patience. Don’t act on harsh words or verbal abuse. Hide your ego because your boss ego is bigger than you after all he is your boss not you. Now, again don’t think to quite the job. The best way to handle the situation is to answer that “you are right, I am sorry”.
  •    Discuss and communicate with your difficult boss rather than confront. Confrontation leads to more conflict and negativity. It is the best way of how to deal with a difficult boss.  Use your boss’s criticism and conflicts as a topic of discussion and discuss them when your boss is in happy mood. Invite him outside office on a lunch and tea break. Discuss your issues and his bad behavior in a calm and friendly manner.These are some of the easiest and simplest ways of how to deal with a difficult boss. Hope you get them all and enjoy a hustle free job.

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