How Do Bullies Become Bullies

 How Do Bullies Become Bullies

Bullies Become BulliesWe all know that bullies are bad guys who misuse their power on innocent and weak people. Did we ever think that why they become bullies? There are number of psychological and emotional problems due to which bullies become bullies.

“Bullies” It is term very well known by people who have been victim of it. Bullying someone means to abuse some both through verbally and physically. It includes use of power or aggressiveness on its target repeatedly. Bully’s prey has high risk of getting into problems like depression, stress and anxiety. Whenever we think of a getting bullied the first thing that comes to our mind is school and student bullying other student on daily basis. But this is not all. Not only schools but in workplace it has been seen that around 49% of people have been target of bullying. Person who is physically fit or has more power in office misuses his power on other weak and junior co-workers.

Bullying is a problem all around the world but did you ever think that why a bully bullies? There can be number of reasons for this problem some of which are as follows:


Self-esteem plays a very important role in bullying. A person who bullies is perceived as a one with very less self-esteem and then to compensate their problem they bully other people. In some cases it has also been observed that person who bullies is the one with very high self-esteem and that person is unable to control it. Whenever a bully feels emotionally weak or insulted, negative feelings surround them and they become angry and to preserve their image of being stronger and powerful makes them bully other person.


Many researches have been carried out which shows that there are several personality traits which are commonly found in all bullies. Bullies think that they are superior and they must be given a VIP treatment and they lack in tolerance and use their control to exploit other. They also possess characteristics like stubbornness, rigid and dictatorialness. These all traits can be genetically transferred to them or it can be because of any mishap or any unfulfilled emotional need in childhood.

Anger management

Other main reason because of bullies being bully is anger management. Their negative feelings are so high that they get out of control and they start perceiving everything negatively. If even a person is giving them positive support they start taking it negatively and bully that person too. Thinking process and emotional reaction of bullies is also very different from a normal person. This can be because of any psychological factor or less socializing as a child.

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