8 Weird Things Men Like In Women

 8 Weird Things Men Like In Women

Leaving the well trodden path and being weird pays off sometimes. If you think your different and somewhat awkward habits should be a secret; think again. Things Men Like In WomenThere are many people on the planet who like bizarre things. They like to indulge in unusual stuff. Listed are a few weird things that men unbelievably love to see in women. So, cheer up ladies, the things you are ashamed of make you irresistible.

1- Being Casual:

Being CasualMoving around in loose shirts or your baggy pajamas is not really a matter of concern for your man. In fact it makes him more comfortable being with you. Men like easy going women, who are not into many formalities.

2- Wit:

WitIt is a common notion that we don’t tend to like somebody smarter than ourselves. Attention ladies; men do like and admire women with quick wits, who are self assured and aware of their smartness. It is not always intimidating; it is appreciated and admired by most.

3- Messy Hair:

Messy HairYour luscious locks, when done nicely and neatly, are definitely your crown. But you better not fret about them all the time. Guys do like you prim but they also love your messy hair. Your morning hair is just as adorable for him as your nice, soft curls the night before.

4- No Make Up:

No Make UpWomen, all around the world spend billions and billions on make up to look good. But the fact is, most of the men do not pay attention. Even if you look gorgeous and stunning, chances are, your guy is not going to notice your neatly applied mascara or your brand new lip gloss that you think is to die for. Save your money even if a product brags to grab attention. You already know most men cannot tell pink from purple, right! Or you can go ahead and just test the myth yourself.

5- Lingerie:

LingerieThe latest discovery about men that might help you to go easy on your lacy stuff is that men don’t mind mismatched under wears. Surprise! Isn’t it. Now you don’t have to rush and look for a matching panty or juggle through your drawers anymore. They think it makes you look more casual and easy going. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect after all!

6- Eye Contact:

Eye ContactBeing shy makes you more desirable, but making eye contact with your man can also be sassy. It shows your self confidence and you can assert your point of view.

7- Being Bossy:

Being BossyWe all like something different every now and then. Same thing applies to relationships. Taking the lead once in a while can be a pleasant surprise for your partner. Making the first move won’t make you less desirable.

8- Curves:

CurvesFlat abs and size zero look stunning on the ramp and make the heads turn around. But in real life men love to put their hands on your love handles. Skinny jeans concept works well for the magazine covers but real men like real women with flesh and fervor. 

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