6 Things Women SECRETLY Think While Having Sex!

 6 Things Women SECRETLY Think While Having Sex!

6 Things Women SECRETLY Think While Having Sex!

Do you think women think about sex all the time while having sex? If you think so, then let me tell you, you’re sadly mistaken. A woman’s mind constantly wander from one thought to another even while making love! Yes, they can’t stay focussed.

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They can think about anything random and mundane like ‘What they’re going to wear afterward?’. Don’t be pissed, but this is the reality. Here is the list of few things a woman SECRETLY thinks while having sex with her beau.

6 Things Women SECRETLY Think While Having Sex!
6 Things Women SECRETLY Think While Having Sex!

1. Am I Looking Fat?

No matter how beautiful a woman is, she will always be conscious about how she’s looking without clothes. A super-confident woman is a myth! Her eyes will wander on herself and find the flabs in her own body. She will wonder whether her man noticed that she gained some extra inches on her belly. Even a chipped nail will be a matter of introspection for her.

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2. Gosh, I Forgot to Shave!

She will remind herself about every single thing she DIDN’T do but she should have done. Like, she forgot to comb her hair, she forgot to paint her nails or shave down there. Even while making love and while her man is crazily lost in her assets, she will wonder whether he will notice her bushy vajajay. Definitely, he will not, but a woman will be a woman.

3. Can You Please Slow Down a Bit?

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This is rather a humble request a woman mentally makes to her man. In lieu of making their woman climax, most of the men make haste. No matter how perfect he might be in the foreplay, but he’s going to rush things in the act. He will thrust too hard to satisfy his lady, but instead of that, he will just be hurting her. At that time, the woman will be faking and just be praying to god, “Can he just get a little slower?”.

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4. What Can I Wear to Office Tomorrow?

A girl can spend all of her lifetime thinking about clothes she’s going to wear. She can’t be focussed in the act during the love making. Her mind will wander around the room. She might also think about checking her phone! Sex is the best time for a woman to think about all the unnecessary things.

5. He’s TOO Big
If it’s her first time with a man, she’s definitely going to wonder this. All during the course of foreplay, she will wonder how this crazily big piece of meat is going to get inside her. She will nervous at first.

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6. Is It Over?

Your eleven minutes of heaven were just going on with full throttle and you were expecting some more action. But then your partner drops his weapons! All the excitement gone. No matter how much she fakes it, in the back of her mind, she would be thinking ‘Is it over already?’. Offensive? But true! What else could be on her mind in this situation?

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