5 Sources of Stress in Love

 5 Sources of Stress in Love

When you fall in love with someone, you want to spend a happy and stress free life with him/her. For a stress-free relationship, you have to look for several things that may cause any kind of conflict between you and your lover. The key to have a healthy and strong relationship is “Mutual understanding” and “co-operation”.

If you don’t understand the feelings or problems of your loved one, then it will surely result in stress and tension between the two. Sometimes, he needs to understand her feelings and sometimes she need to cooperate with him. Following are the five sources of stress in love which you have to avoid if you want to spend a happy life with your partner.


SarcasmIf you want your partner to love you to bits, then you have to talk him directly about your concern or problem. Never take the help of harsh words or talk in sarcastic tone. These indirect taunts can cause bad effect on your relationship and create differences between the two. According to researches, women are more complicated then men and it is difficult to understand them. On the other hand, men are straight forward and they act directly what they feel. This straight forward attitude sometimes put a negative impact on her which may result in stress for both of them.


Try to be frank enough with your partner that you can communicate directly on any sort of situation with him/her. Be straight and direct in your words.

Negative thinking:

Negative thinkingNegative thinking is the element that can ruin your relationship readily. If you’re pessimist, then you relationship is at risk. Negative behavior with your partner will lead you to separation. If you won’t think positive for your lover, then he/she may also stop explaining you at some point and leave you at your point which is not good for your relation. 


be optimistic and try to see both side of picture. You should avoid your negative and meaningless attitude with your partner and look on the positive aspects as well.


OverreactingThis is another source of stress in love. Girls usually over react on small things and tend to be sensitive as compare to boys. The unconscious react on certain things may cause stress and tension between you and your partner. This source of stress is may be due inferiority complex which can be overcome easily by mutual cooperation and discussion.


You can talk to your partner and ask him/her about his concerns and console him/her through all possible methods.


PastEveryone has some past which he/she may not like to discuss with others. When you’re in relationship with someone, your partner may be curious to know about your past. This is the main and biggest source of stress in love these days. Discussing past with your partner is not good for your relation because it may give birth to several un-answerable questions for you.


Love your partner in such away that he/she never think of your past and ask you about it. Try to build strong trust and make your understanding better with your lover. 

Criticizing appearance:

appearanceHow your lovers look like? Don’t think of this question when you’re in a relationship. This question may make your partner a bit insecure with you and he/she may think that you’re not satisfied with the looks. When you make fun of the looks of your lover, she/he may feel bad and feel inferior. This will cause stress and tension between you two. Make your partner feel that he/she is the most beautiful person on this planet and try to admire his/her personality of different occasions. This will make your bond stronger.


If you’re not satisfied with the physical appearance of your lover, then try to change his/her look in such a manner that he/she feel happy instead of inferior. Try to give him/her ideas by saying that “this color suits you a lot” or “you will look best in this type of dress” etc.

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