5 Best Ways To Deal With A Passive Aggressive Partner

 5 Best Ways To Deal With A Passive Aggressive Partner

Being in a relationship is an amazing feeling, but after some time, we all go through a phase when we need to deal with a passive aggressive partner. Usually, it is difficult to detect whether a person is passive aggressive or not. But, being with that person is really tough as it makes thing complicated. But, don’t worry as you can still deal with them by using these simple ways to tackle them.

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1. Try to identify the problem

There are few things for which you need to be certain in a relationship. Besides this, it is also suggested that never jump into blame games. Try to understand, and if you have faced a lot of hostility, then it is better to confront.

2. Set limits and boundaries

Once you identify the problem, discuss it with your partner why you don’t like his behavior and also, state your limits for tolerating the same. Tell them that they can still make it up and save the relationship but don’t forget to define your tolerance.

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3. Always be straight to the point

Try to be blunt and tell your partner what exactly bothered you the most. Avoid being vague in a discussion as it will only end up in making the situation worse.

4. Stick to the words

Once you find a solution to your problems, make sure you stick to your limits that you have set for yourself. If your partner notices that you are going to forgive him soon even after the multiple incidents, then he is likely to take your advantage.

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5. Work it on together

Try to work on this together because we all know this fact that relationship is a two-way street. If you think you are aggressive because of their behavior or if your partner thinks you are the cause, then make sure you stick together and resolve this issue as a team.

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