Meet your Dream Girl in 2011

 Meet your Dream Girl in 2011

meet-your-dream-girl-in-2011Wakeup guys, 2011 has arrived and we are preparing you to meet your dream girl. Here is so much to do, follow these simple dating tips 2011 to improve your game tonight.

Stay fit: Hey men, why don’t you just take some time out and join the gym several times a week, you can always do it on days when you can go out in the evening for dating. Make this exercise a ritual part of your life and it will help you boost up your confidence.

House in order: This dating tips 2011 suggests that this year you have to plan ahead. Keep your place clean and drinks ready and one more thing, keep you washroom clean so that your dream girl should understand that he is a clean guy.

Keep yourself updated: The dating tips 2011 suggests that read up on current events related to culture, political, entertainment etc. Also pay attention to latest hook ups and break ups and believe me that your dream girl would love you!

Be positive: For dating, it is necessary that you stay positive, before men go and meet their ‘dream girl’ relax yourself into a comfortable chair and use positive self talk to access yourself. Try to remember a time in your life when you were particularly confident and successful. Try to recall exactly how that felt, down to the smallest detail.

Pre-party time: The dating tips 2011 suggests that meet a few friends, either at your place or theirs. Share a few drinks. Listen to music that pumps you up and then see the magic of meeting your ‘dream girl’.

Think of something interesting: This is a very interesting dating tips 2011, in order to avoid silence on your dating, think of something really good and make the stories as humorous as possible. Whatever men decide to talk about, make sure that it makes you look good – you want to come across as confident and humorous, not arrogant.

Focus on comfortable clothes: This dating tips 2011 believes that when you select the clothes to wear, make sure that it is current, and fits your persona. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the most expensive brands, but buy at least one really nice outfit. Remember that your ‘dream girl’ likes to view every tiniest detail.

Hygiene regularly: The dating tips 2011 states that scrub yourself several times – a once over isn’t enough. Eliminate any body odour and use an antiperspirant instead of deodorant. Brush and floss your teeth, use a tongue scraper and mouthwash to get rid of bad breath, and carry mints on you at all times just in case you slip up and eat some shrimp scampi. These dating tips 2011, work wonder!

Use cologne: The dating tips 2011 suggests that a good technique is to spray the air in front of you and walk into it. If it’s not in a spray bottle, dab on just a little tiny bit on your neck. Believe me, less is more here.

You want to come across as a high energy, positive person that brings the party wherever you go. So start from the minute you arrive at your dating destination.

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