What Women Really Think About Marriage?

 What Women Really Think About Marriage?

MarriageGetting married is indeed the wish and dream of every other girl. In fact each of them dreams of a happily married life with an ideal partner that gives them an ideal image for all to look up to and give examples of.

However it is recently seen in psychological researches that young girls get depressed when the subject of their marriage is started. This has not only been noted in psychological researches but also by parents and elders that girls when are talked to about marriages and settling down they seem to get a bit nervous and avoid the subject.

The reason of this displeasure or discomfort with the idea of marriage is very apparent. Girls have always been living in their utopias and have created a certain image of their married life and life partner. However when they see couples disturbed and especially girls dissatisfied with married lives that leads the real troubles. This discrepancy makes women afraid and reluctant about taking a decision about their marriages and choosing the right men.

This is why it is emphasized by psychologists and elders that men should be informed about what women these days think about marriage and how they are expected to behave. Meeting demands of women is more important since your domestic life determines your mood and health to a great extent and when your woman is happy your domestic life becomes sound and satisfactory automatically.

These days when it comes to the life of a contemporary woman, they look for independence and think and expect the same from their married lives as well. They expect their husbands to give them freedom of certain things that give them a free willed approach towards life. Like every human being freedom is the want and right of your wife as well hence be as generous as you can. However you may want to set some boundaries on mutual consent and then allow your partner to have free will at the same time.

Women basically are afraid of the fact that their freedom might not get sabotaged by their husbands. This feeling is so intense in some women that they term the relationship of marriage as ‘suffocating’’. This is felt by those women who have seen couples living a disturbed life and that too from close distances. Psychologists argue that seeing disturbances in the life of someone close leaves a stronger impact on young minds than just hearing them from places.

Secondly women also feel insecure about too much involvement in their private lives. They expect men to give them some privacy and do not interfere in their private lives. Although when a couple is married they are supposed to share all their worries and issues along with personal stuff. However there still are some issues which need to be addressed privately in their privacy and comfort zones.

Hence if you are somebody who like everything to be told to you and do not people who keep secrets then you might just have to soften down a bit and let go of things. You have to allow some privacy to your partner and give them space so that they do not feel suffocated. When you give your partner some good space you will be given space yourself which is good for once in a while.

Asking too many questions also leads to disturbances. When a woman gets married she really needs that space and freedom and that is all what she has been thinking all her life. Hence do not bother her with a lot of questions and keep it light. Allow freedom to your spouse just the way she has been thinking all her life. Try to give as much space as she wants to and that allows you to have good relationship.

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