Unnecessary Oppression Causes Breakup

 Unnecessary Oppression Causes Breakup

The woman is liberal by nature yet abides by some rules molding her freely into the shape of circumstances. Though this bending is elastic up to a certain limit but breaks in few seconds with man’s unnecessary oppression.

Love relationship stays as long as equality is at par. Woman endorses this feeling going into deep Ocean of love. Emotions surround her creating lasso of trust and faith that is most valuable for a man being part of her life. But being trusted and loved blindly sometimes inflicts oppressing nature in man that subjects unnecessary commandment on love lady showing supremacy on her.

Oppression, criticism, objection and subjugation are the factors that work like slow poison killing bit by bit a woman’s heart resulting in fierce behavior that in turn causes breakup.

Though furious nature of woman does not grow over night, it is your unnecessary oppression that disturbs and gradually fades her smiling attitude – yet your complains about annoying behavior without knowing root cause and without giving a chance to clear up her heart furry.

Your careless behavior under shelter of your lady’s trust drives unusual changes in her that may quickly be judged by her irritating habit for sure that is solely a vivid sign of your oppression on her.

Key to women’s heart is love, confidence, trust, and liberty that she shares pleasantly without creating a chance of trouble for you. Only she needs a balanced attitude – the way you look for yourself is equally demanding for her. Let her do the actions you deem fit for yourself or otherwise believing in the same way as she wants you to be. Generate a strong shell of confidence around her without dominating and oppressing her. Try to listen, heart of your upset woman, make her feel special with little caring attitude by cheering her up time by time. Kill your authoritative and egoistic attitude and avoid unnecessary oppression on her that maybe one of the best ways to save your relationship and leading it to dreamy love life obviously.

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