Top Ten Happiest Moments in the life of Married Men

 Top Ten Happiest Moments in the life of Married Men

Playful couple enjoying outdoors

There are countless amazing moments in the life of a married man (or, at least, there should be). Sure, there are the big ones that stand out from the rest – your wedding day, the birth of your children, taco night – but this isn’t about those milestones. In between those huge events are the everyday moments that make married men smile. Here’s what makes your man happy.

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Holding Hands
Little moments that give us those butterflies from when we took you on our first date still mean something. Is it dusty in here?

Grocery Store Surprises
Eating healthy is important, as is staying on budget. But when our wives come home with our favorite ice cream or the ingredients to make some homemade guacamole, well, that’s just awesome!

“I’m sorry.”
Music to our ears every time we hear it!

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Canceled Plans
When that text comes through from your wife informing you that her parents need to reschedule or that the dinner party you were supposed to attend has been canceled, it’s pure ecstasy. Free time is great. Surprise free time is even better.

Good Morning, Good Evening, and Goodnight
Waking up to a smiling face, coming home to that same smile, and then getting a goodnight kiss from those smiling lips right before bed sure does make the rest of the day seem insignificant.

When Your Wife Initiates Sex
When it comes right down to it, a big reason that many guys enter into committed relationships is for the routine access to boobs. Marriage often comes with reduced intimacy and guys having to make the first move. We love it when our wives are in the mood and pounce!

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“Almost Home!”
Seeing a text from your wife alerting you that she’ll be home soon is just plain exciting. It means being together again, which can still create the same spark that existed when we were just dating.

8:01 pm
The baby is asleep, you managed to eat dinner together, and you have a couple of hours before you pass out on the couch. At 8:01pm, life seems free of any and all obligations.

Playful couple enjoying outdoors
Playful couple enjoying outdoors

Smug Glances
Dinner parties and double dates with other couples can be tedious, but married men will always get a kick out of sharing looks with their wives that no one else notices. Simple eye contact can say so much, like “let’s get out of here,” “your friend is hilariously drunk,” or “I give these two a year, tops.”

Unnoticed Farts
Well, really, all farts are great moments. But the ones that we sneak by you really are fantastic.

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