Things to Know Before You Move in Together

 Things to Know Before You Move in Together

Moving in with someone is a big step emotionally and logistically, and after signing a lease, breaking up becomes a hundred times harder. If you’ve started to consider it, reference this list of things you ought to know to ensure a happy more-than-just-roommates situation.

Where This Thing’s Going

In today’s day and age, you don’t need a ring on it to combine kitchens. Still, at this point you should have had a comfortable conversation about whether you’re both on the same page in terms of the future.

The Best Friend

Distance can make physically meeting them a touch tricky, but you should at least know their stats: name, job, and connection with your partner.

The Parents

Likewise, it’s ideal if you’ve already been introduced to the parents. The relationship rite of passage is a big one; plus, you’ll avoid any uncomfortable first impressions if you meet them after you’ve already moved in with their beloved child.

How They Like to Party

When you start dating someone post-college, you might not know their raging tendencies. But before you sign that lease, know what you can expect when a big party like a college reunion or wedding rolls around.

What They Expect From You

It sounds obvious, but make sure you’re having a talk about any and all expectations. If your guy thinks your going to have dinner on the table every night (ha!), let him know what’s what before it turns into an argument.

What They Look Like Naked. In Broad Daylight

Um, why? If you aren’t at this stage of comfort with each other yet, living in the same shared space might be tricky (and not a good idea—yet).

Their Stance on Entertaining

Opposites can totally attract, meaning that you might love quiet Saturdays in with a glass of wine while your partner’s dreaming of weekly dinner parties (or vise versa). At this point, you should have a good idea about whether your new place will be the one regularly offered up for football games and movie nights.

How Clean (or Messy) They Are

The biggest issue plaguing most roommates, platonic or otherwise, is tidiness. We’re all individuals who rank the importance of a neat house differently, but to avoid frayed nerves, understand what that ranking is for your partner (and then try to meet somewhere in the middle).

How Much Money They Make

Roughly. Money can be a massively tricky topic to broach, but don’t you think you should feel okay to bring it up before you start to lean on each other in a brand new, more intense way?

Whether You Really Trust Them

If anything’s ever given you pause in the past, consider it triply now. Moving in together means you’re responsible for each other, and if he’s ever been less than truthful before, you could be looking at problems with missed rent checks or cable bills.

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