Save a Relationship from a Possible Breakup

 Save a Relationship from a Possible Breakup

Have you noticed some change in your partner’s behaviour? Or her friend told you that your girlfriend is considering breaking up with you? Or you yourself feel that she is avoiding you and wants to leave you forever. Well if this is the situation then you are probably among the luckiest ones who still have some chance to avoid breaking up. Now, what can you do to reverse things with your partner and not let her leave you? You might know some serious things going on between you people, so correcting them immediately will help a lot.

Here are few important steps which you must take immediately to avoid breaking up. Well obviously it’s not sure that following them will work in your case or not but usually (or at least in my case) it works?. I had a tough time with my girl few years back, but as soon as I realized, I followed these steps and successfully saved my relationship from ending and we are still together living happily.

What should be done?

Control your emotions: When things are going normal, its okay to be illogical and demanding. But here things are not that normal SHE IS CONSIDERING BREAKING UP!!! So you need to keep a check on what you say. This common mistake (especially at this time) can seriously affect your relationship. You may end up regretting. So mind your language.

Be honest and respectful: You might have observed many friends or family members who broke up. After breaking up they ponder over what went wrong and usually, they notice that they were not honest. I am not saying that they were flirting elsewhere or were not loyal but they could be hiding the truth, fearing that she would not like or kept waiting for the right time.

Now you have the time to ignore fear and save relationship because if you feared, she will leave you any way. By being honest and opening up everything may make her reveal that entire she hided from you. No BLAME game!!! This is not the time to blame your partner for what so ever happened. You are not an angel (don’t mind but this is true). Accept her with what she has got and what she is.

Be kind and accept your mistakes: you obviously know about the things which went wrong in your relationship. So this is the time to confess you mistakes or the times when you were wrong (doing so really helps).

Well, this is all you have to do and if your girl still has any love for you, she will surely come back. But despite all this if she is not willing to change her mind then you have to accept the reality.

Hope things turn out positive for both of you. Best of Luck!

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