05 Rough Things Women Secretly Want in Bed

 05 Rough Things Women Secretly Want in Bed

A man who is trying to understand $.€x from the perspective of a woman must come to terms and know the following points in making her feel satisfied just as she wants it delivered to her.

Consume Her Mouth With a Hard, Passionate and Messy Kissing.

This is not the time for that French soft kiss but for the type that makes you breathless and panting for oxygen. Having her whole mouth in yours is a total weakness and huge turn on for her. As we all may know, the art of kissing is a very important department during intercourse between lovers and partners. And during rough $.€x, you both can’t escape it because it’s an important side attraction and ingredient to propel, keep the mood and tempo in the right temperature. In so doing, make it messy and extremely passionate and hard with a feeling of how you have been wanting it from her. Feel each other’s tongue and bite her lips a little longer but a bit harder. Remember to run the entire neck, ears and whole body hungrily and like a child needing attention. Above all, make it a memorable act for her to remember later.

Be Very Vocal and Talk Dirty

If you want your girl to get going in excitement and ecstasy, then you must practice and know the art of being very vocal and talk all those dirty phrases that only end up in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if your girl isn’t a dirty talker, but telling her how hot or beautiful she looks gets her craving for more of you. Dirty talking has been proved to be very effective during rough$.€x because it increases the tensions between you two. Even if they are words that ordinarily you wouldn’t utter but common this is rough $.€x and she is in the right mood for it, so it’s permissible.

An example of talking dirty include the following:

Guess what colour of panties I am wearing?
We need to meet after work; this horniness is killing me.
I want to make you orgasm so badly tonight
I need to feel you inside of me etc.

Hard and Fast Thrusting

Thrusting very hard, fast and combining it with the points mentioned above puts her a crazy mood to want you for herself. Good $.€x is all about timing mixed the different angle variations. Sometimes with a lot of hip grinding and angle variation, sometimes just lock in on a good spot and work it very well. Let her feel your erection against her back while you also touch your girl’s front (fondling breasts, masturbating me, stroking skin). It’s always arousing making her know you want to touch her wherever you want in the heat of passion, but she can’t touch you in reply. Most ladies have seemed to like it hard and intense especially after being warmed up and for some it causes more clitoral stimulation.

Be Creative and Very Adventurous With More Hot $.€x Positions.

Having a variety of movement or motion like having your hands or tongue running all over her body is great. Being adventurous and creative in bed with your partner is a lot of turn on. As I stated earlier, throw away the traditional missionary style that have been passed from generations to generations and get involved in new ones. Get spontaneous too, be weird, bring out your creativity and be very adventurous in trying new styles whether known or never seen before. She will thank you later.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Most sexual encounters, from the time of penetration to orgasm, last from one to 10 minutes. While it shouldn’t be too short, making it very long will make it boring and tiring which will lead to inflicting injuries in the woman’s lady part. I will say something like not less than 7 minutes and not more than 15 minutes should just be perfect of it. Also $.€x Therapists believe that 7 to 13 Minutes is the Sweet Spot. Penn State researchers surveyed 50 American and Canadian sex therapists in 2010 about what timing the experts thought was best. The therapists said that three to seven minutes was “adequate” and seven to 13 was “desirable.” They said one to two minutes was likely too short for most people, but that 10 to 30 minutes was probably too long.

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